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Would you like to know more about what connectivity can do for your operation? We invite you to embark on this journey with us – and together we will explore your needs and improve your business through enhanced productivity, improved food safety & quality, increased flexibility and much, much more.

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Release the potential of a connected food and beverage value chain

Explore this site and get a glimpse into how Tetra Pak is driving the change towards a connected food industry. With our extensive food expertise and digital capabilities, Tetra Pak is strongly positioned to help you with your digital transformation. Discover some of tomorrow’s possibilities today.

Connected factory
Connected package

Connected factory
Connected package
Connected factory

The factory of the future – made real!

What does the future looks like, which opportunities will it bring for manufactures and how will digitalisation increase productivity and optimise performance.

Here are the insights

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is opening a door to new opportunities for the food and beverage industry.
Watch the Industry 4.0 webinar or read the white paper to gain insights into the opportunities. Included are best practices on how you can take advantage of Industry 4.0 to increase productivity, reduce costs and respond quickly to a changing business environment.

CNBC features Tetra Pak Digitalisation

What does connectivity in the food and beverage industry look like in practice? Watch the CNBC interview ‘Here’s why a world leader in food packaging is turning to mixed reality and the cloud’ to learn how we use data, mixed reality and connectivity to solve customer challenges.

Digitalisation of Services

Explore our connected services. These include advanced machine sensors that gather data which we use to analyse performance and predict potential production stops.
Watch the video to find out more about our digital services.

Holographic Plant Layout

Watch the video to learn how we use new technology for plant design and layout without physical assets, but by the use of mixed reality.

Remote Support

Watch the video to learn how Tetra Pak gives you access to the specialists you need in order to ensure fast issue resolution, so you can deliver on time and in full – every time.

Predictive Maintenance

Curious to know more about predictive maintenance? Watch the video or read the case study and technical paper to delve into what this entail and how it can literally save you days of lost production time.

Webinar >

Case study >

Technical paper >

Tetra Pak® Plant Secure

Get insights into the challenges facing food and beverage manufacturers today, and how you can act now to increase competitiveness. Explore the opportunities offered by a full-plant service solution that delivers sustainable business results guaranteed to improve productivity and reduce costs. Watch the video or read the technical paper to learn more.

Webinar >

Technical paper >

The world’s most digital dairy plant

Bright produces ambient yogurt in the world’s most digital dairy. Read how Tetra Pak helped the company integrate the entire plant’s processing and packaging operations into one.

Connected package


Digitalisation is changing the role of packaging. You can turn your packages into full-scale data carriers with the Connected Package platform. This digital platform allows you to connect to consumers more directly, build loyalty, provide product information and find new ways to increase traceability.

The future of packaging is digital

How will digitalisation change the packaging industry and address the challenges that are facing the supply chain today across manufacturing, legislation, retailers, consumer demands?

Listen to the keynote from Hannover Messe

Insights & opportunities in online grocery

Explore the opportunities connected package offers food and beverage producers – watch the webinar or read the full report for more details.

Traceability means safer food

Thanks to globalisation, traceability regulations are now spreading worldwide. In the not-so-distant future, products will be able to be tracked at any point in the production chain – from field to table. Through traceability in the processing industry, we know what happens to a product all the way from the arrival of the raw materials and processing to being filled and safely sealed inside its packaging.

Unique digital codes

In the future, digital technologies based on unique digital codes will give each and every product package a unique identifier. Data scanning devices – or even ordinary smartphones – will read these codes and link users to vast amounts of information, opening up all kinds of possibilities.
By creating an interactive channel, brands will one day also be able to have real-time conversations with individual consumers. They’ll be able to share details on raw material sourcing and nutritional facts, provide environmental information and promote games and other interactive activities.

Connected package

The connected package will play an increasing role in both the digital supply chain and consumer experience. It will create an interactive one-to-one channel with individual consumers, providing limitless communication, marketing and data capture opportunities.