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Connectivity helps ensure Food Safety & Quality

World population growth and an increasingly complex food ecosystem add an even greater challenge, and connectivity has the potential to address this – we are here to guide you on this journey. At Tetra Pak, we’re working to make food safe and available everywhere. We can help you take advantage of automation, data collection and analytics, thus transforming your food safety & quality challenges into valuable opportunities. With extensive food and beverage experience, proven solutions and a global presence, Tetra Pak is well-placed to partner with you on your journey.

Join us in making food safe and available everywhere

Connectivity in action

Get a glimpse into the incredible opportunities connectivity offers the food industry, and discover how advances in digital technology can help you maximise food safety & quality all the way from farm to fork.

Insights to increase food quality – Machine learning applied to massive datasets collected at different points in the food ecosystem can provide insights you can use to increase food quality, without compromising productivity and reliability.

Enhanced data management – Enhanced data management enables precise record keeping and root cause analysis, which you can use to streamline compliance while reducing food safety risks.

Better food quality information – Track and trace technology will mean consumers can access verified, accurate and detailed food quality information – whenever they want.

Deliver product certainty – Blockchain technology is increasing trust and transparency across a food ecosystem that’s becoming more and more complex.

Identify quality issues – Using analytics allows you to identify quality issues before they reach the market.

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Podcast Series: Unlock the value of connectivity ‘Food Safety & Quality’

Discover how connectivity is helping food manufacturers all over the world improve food safety & quality like never before, while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Listen now or download to listen offline.

Download the technical paper here

Unlock the value of connectivity
Dream big, start small

Despite increasing pressure from consumers, retailers and regulators, until now the food industry has been slow to adopt connectivity. But that is changing, and many are keen to start their connectivity journey to improve productivity, food safety & quality and production flexibility through data-driven optimisation.

Download the technical paper here

Food Safety & Quality success stories

Our customer cases show first-hand connectivities potential. Explore our portfolio of articles and food safety & quality success stories for an insight into how we help food manufacturers ensure food safety & quality.

Read the cases here

Secure food safety & quality in your operations

Curious to know more about securing food safety & quality at your operation? Explore our site to learn about our services and how we can help you reach your goals.

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Why is Tetra Pak your ideal partner in connectivity?

With over 60 years of experience in improving food safety & quality in the food industry, Tetra Pak is strongly positioned to support you on your journey to unlock the value of connectivity and safeguard food safety & quality.

Food & Beverage expertise

By utilising our immense Food & Beverage expertise and experience, we customise our solutions to fit your exact needs.

Platform agnostic

We can work with all platforms and systems to boost your productivity.

Outcome guarantee

We offer outcome-based solutions, so you only pay for value realisation.

End-to-end partner

We combine our food & beverage expertise with strong technology partnerships for maximum value.

Food Safety & Quality

Food safety & quality is in our DNA and we strive to make food safe and available everywhere.

Data capabilities

Building on an extensive pool of data within food & beverage manufacturing, our goal is to increase value at your operation.

Explore possibilities for your business

Would you like to know more about what connectivity can do for your operation? We invite you to embark on this journey with us – and together we will explore your needs and the opportunities available to the food and beverage industry.

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